What Are the Most Profitable Blogging Niches in 2019

Most profitable blogging niches in 2019 are personal finance, health and fitness, food, beauty and fashion, travel, and parenting.


One of the most common questions I get asked every year is “What are the most profitable blogging niches in 2019?“. Of course, the year changes – I’m pretty sure that in 2020 I will get the same question.

The question is very valid. Everyone wants to know how to earn money blogging. And everyone wants to be sure they focus efforts on something that will deliver results.

Blogging success heavily depends on the selection of great niche. What is a great blogging niche? Arguably, the best blogging niches are those profitable ones. You might be tempted to start a blog that is about some of your passions. And that is just fine. But keep in mind that if you are interested in earning a significant income from blogging, you should treat it as a business. Be passionate about your success – that will help you a lot.

You should be serious about your efforts to create content, and that content must be of high quality. And creating content is not just about writing blog posts or picking up a good blog topic for a one-off article.

I analyzed popular blogs, researched blog niche ideas. I went on and checked social media, and scoured the internet for authors of blogs in, what could be typically described as a profitable niche. So, before you embark on the exciting journey of creating your own money making blog, check out the list of the most profitable blogging niches in 2019. I will make sure I keep this list updated in 2020 and beyond).

Personal finance / Make money online

Personal finance is one of the all-time favorite highly profitable blogging niches. Topics like making money online (or otherwise) and saving money, are always favorite and sought after.

Managing money is not the simplest of tasks. Even if you make money, there are questions about how to make the most of it – either through saving money or investing it. All of us are dealing with money and, naturally, we all want to make the most of it. Blogs in this popular niche share advice on how to make money from online sources (like blogging money, affiliate marketing, and affiliate programs) or even from offline activities.

Blogging Money - Personal Finance

Some blogs in this niche will show you tricks on how to save money through gamification. Others, unfortunately, will promise you insane earnings but ask you to send them money in. Be careful and don’t fall for online scams.

Who is writing in this niche? You might think that this niche is dominated by financial or tax advisors, but that is not the case. Some of the most interesting blogs in the personal finance niche are run by students. Others by stay-at-home moms, and dads and other ordinary Joes and Janes. Topics in this niche often revolve around budget planning, creating a passive (online) income, earlier mentioned blogging and affiliate marketing, and more.

However, this niche attracts a lot of attention, and a lot of new bloggers will try to develop in this niche. The competition is fierce, and you will often find new bloggers acting like they are pros. Faking income reports, getting involved in shady businesses, and black-hat SEO tactics are some of the risks in this area. New bloggers are not very different from more experienced peers in the way that both are looking to make money online. A perfectly legitimate desire. But it is essential to be authentic, to share actual experience and not fake it.

Health and fitness

If being conscious about your money is what drives the popularity of personal finance blogging niche, then the consciousness about your body and soul is what the drives the health and fitness niche. Some consider health and fitness to be a part of a broader lifestyle blog niche, but I don’t share that opinion.

More than ever before, people are aware of the importance of a proper diet, physical activities, and fitness. Evergreen topics like weight loss (especially for women) garner an incredible following. Keto diets, paleo diets, gluten-free products – it’s a multi-billion dollar industry.

If you are passionate about these topics, you are fit, you train or have some other useful skills and tips to share with others, then this might be your golden blogging niche.

Food blogs

We all eat. Some of us maybe even a little bit too much. But how many times you got stuck thinking about what are you going to cook? Or perhaps even struggled how to make a good dinner with $5 only? Frugal living, especially when it comes to food, might not just be the lifestyle choice. In the case of many college students, it’s a reality.

Blogging Money - Food Blogging

Creating and sharing recipes, ideas about new dishes and related ideas, are always favorite topics. However, this niche can be a little bit tricky to monetize. Affiliate marketing in food blogging niche could be less efficient than display ads. The reason is simple. People are coming to your website not to buy something from you but to get the newest recipes and ideas on what to cook. On the upside, food blogs can generate a significant amount of traffic, and that will propel page and ad impressions.

Another approach in this niche could be creating close-knitted communities where people pay you to join them, and then you give them exclusive content (recipes, for example).

One of the more popular options is a 5 dollar meal plan. You can try it free for 14 days, and they will send you ideas from meals that cost less than 5 dollars. More than 35 thousand families tried their service. You can try it for yourself too – it could save you both money and time. They even come with free printable coupons you can use to save actual money!

Beauty and fashion

One of the evergreen blogging topics is beauty, fashion, and style. Many tutorials, YouTube channels, and Instagram accounts are dedicated to this topic. Influencer marketing is also a reliable source of income for people active in this lucrative blogging niche. Famous bloggers in this niche often say that they cherish the cool and exciting connections they develop with fashion industry professionals.

Travel blogging

Just the idea of travel makes me go daydreaming. A bit later, a wanderlust kicks in, and I am finding myself reading dozens of travel blogs and searching for my next vacation. Now imagine being in this niche, you are successful , and you are paid to travel and write about it. Sounds like a dream job? Well, it is.

Bloggin Money - Travel Blogging Dubrovnik
A view of Dubrovnik, Croatia

Especially for those willing to put a lot of effort, time, and learning to build a blog in this niche. Keep one thing in mind, though. This is a highly competitive blogging niche, and getting through to the top will require some extra effort.


Oh, the wonderful world of parenting! If you are a first-time parent, you are likely to be scared of the unknown. How to deal with your toddlers, what happens when they start growing up? Well, join the club! Millions of people enter the fantastic world of parenting every year. So, this is a market that keeps growing steadily.

Many stay-at-home moms and dads take it to the internet to share their experiences, ideas and approaches about parenting. People share their knowledge and skills, both good and bad. They offer support but also share the reality of parenthood. Some of the favorite topics in this niche deal with pregnancy and birth. Others consider food and nutrition or physical activities.


Tech blogging is the last item in the most profitable blogging niches in 2019 in this list, but it is not the least profitable. However, it is incredibly competitive and broad. Will you cover hardware or software? Cloud or desktop? SaaS or PaaS? Will you focus on a single technology or an entire tech stack? Is it going to be a blog with tech tutorials or product and services reviews? Maybe reports from conferences and real news?

Technology is incredibly popular. After all, it shapes most of our everyday lives. Naturally, people like to explore it, learn about it, and other love to share their experiences. But there are so many great tech blogs. Some are so popular and have grown into full-blown internet portals and publications that you might not even consider them to be blogs anymore. TechCrunch is one such example.

The critical challenge to be successful in this niche is to find a sub-niche. And yeah, there is such a thing as a sub-niche. This is true for all broad theme topics. In the beginning, you will likely be the only person writing for your blog. It is impossible for you to cover all the grounds and be successful in each and every one of them. Narrow down your focus. It is always easy to broaden it later on. Staying focused will help you build your reputation faster.

Honorable mentions

This is not the complete list of popular and profitable blogging niches in 2019. But in my personal experience and from what I was able to learn and research, those topics dominate the landscape.

However, there are many others which could also be lucrative if you dedicate enough of your time, hard work, and passion for developing them. And I am talking about niches like gaming, e-Learning, product and service reviews, business and entrepreneurship, home and DIY, outdoors (hiking, biking, trekking, fishing, hunting…)

In conclusion – the most profitable blogging niches in 2019

While there are some of the niches that are more profitable than others, your effort, hard work, and knowledge will make all the difference.

Topics like personal finance, making money online, health and fitness, parenting, travel, food, beauty and fashion, and technology, dominate the list of most profitable blogging niches in 2019.

But they are not the only ones where serious money can be earned. Gaming, e-learning, product reviews, outdoors, and DIY are some of other exciting and lucrative opportunities.

What are your favorite blogging niches? Share in the comment section!

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